DBT 101: Skills Group for Teens 13-18

DBT 101 is a psychoeducational group for teenagers age 13-18.  This group focuses on teaching healthy coping skills through mindfulness strategies. DBT101 has an “open door” policy; you may join at any time!

Hosted by licensed therapist:

Jenna Daniel, LAC.

Tuesday nights from 6:00-7:45 pm

Cost: $50 per group.  (Discounted rate of $43.75 per group when paid in advance.)

Total is $350 for 8 weeks at a time. (Insurance not accepted for this group)

Contact Doorways at 602.997.2880 or at info@doorwaysarizona.com for more information

*Doorways expects that any adolescent attending the DBT Group be involved in regular individual counseling at least twice monthly, either at Doorways or with another provider in the community. This is to reinforce what is learned in group and facilitate treatment for difficult i