Sports Psychology

Have you ever wondered what separates some of the greatest athletes from the rest? Sure, their talents and skills help, but they can only get you so far. It is the way that they use their minds that allows them to get the most out of their talent and skills. Our minds are incredibly powerful. So why not utilize that power and allow yourself to reach your potential? This is essentially what Sports Psychology focuses on.

Researchers have created Sports Psychology techniques by analyzing the habits of some of the most successful athletes in the world. These techniques are, but are not limited to, Goal-Setting, Emotional Regulation, Visualization, Self-Talk, Motivation, Confidence, Focus/Concentration and Relaxation. Every individual has what is called an Individualized Zone of Optimal Functioning (IZOF). By understanding your IZOF and utilizing these techniques you can take your performance to the next level.

Sports Psychology can help both athletes and professionals improve their mental game plan so that they can overcome the issues that are holding them back from achieving peak performance. The following are a few of the areas that could be addressed:

  • Learning from, and not dwelling on, mistakes
  • Becoming aware of and improving self-talk
  • Mentally overcoming poor playing conditions
  • Learning how to bounce back from setbacks
  • Overcoming internal and external distractions
  • Analyzing past peak performance and encouraging its reoccurrence
  • Overcoming injuries and the fear of reinjury
  • Coping with criticism
  • Transitioning to a higher level of competition
  • Balancing academics with athletic responsibilities
  • Improving performance by creating a more productive thought process
  • Managing emotions in pressure situations
  • Pre-game routines that work for you
  • Increasing ability to cope with adversity


Our provider Rich Killen, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, specializes in Sports Psychology.

Rich is a former 2-sport athlete who played Baseball and Football in High School. As a freshman, he started on the varsity team. Although he shared similar success in both sports he focused a majority of his attention on Baseball. As a sophomore, he had earned statewide recognition and as a senior was regarded as one of the top catchers in the state. During this time he was also considered to be a prospect by the Kansas City Royals.

Rich got a scholarship to play Baseball in San Diego where he was part of a team that finished third in the NAIA world Series. He finished his collegiate career with one error and .400 on-base percentage. Perhaps, his most notable accomplishment came his senior year when he played all nine positions in one game. Through his experiences in athletics he developed a passion for Sport Psychology and ultimately got his Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology. Since that time he has been working with a range of athletes from High School to Division I NCAA teams, and athletes involved in multiple sports.

Call Doorways and see how Rich can help you reach peak performance.