Press Releases

Teen Eating Disorder Specialist Joins Doorways

Doorways Welcomes New Provider to Work With OCD Groups

Doorways Welcomes Dr. David Wall, Ph.D., Eating Disorder and OCD Specialist

Seven Steps to Building A Healthy Relationship With Your Teen

Doorways Welcomes Michelle Carlin, MS, NP-C, Adult Health and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Doorways Welcomes Two New Providers, Specializing in the Outpatient Treatment of Teenagers and Young Adults

I Had No Idea: It’s National Eating Disoders Awareness Week

Doorways Welcomes Dr. David Yee, Psy.D

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder IOP

It Takes A Village: Doorways Seeks to Give Guidance to Parents of Adolescents and Young Adults

2013 Press Releases

The Cotton Ball Diet

Doorways Collects Art Supplies for Abused Children

Bridging the Thigh Gap

Doorways Celebrates Nurse Practitioner Week 2013

Doorways Announces New Saturday Hours

Doorways Named Spirit of Enterprise Semi-Finalist

Now Trending: Teens are Back to School and So is Bullying

Dealing With Grief: A Reminder to All in Light of the 19 Firefighters Who Lost Their Lives

NEW Group Treatment Program Available for Adolescents with OCD/Anxiety Disorder

Doorways Phone Addiction

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2.24.13

2012 Press Releases

Holidays and Depression, December 2012

Thanksgiving Is No Holiday for Those With Eating Disorders

Doorways Community Invited To Donate Beanies and Blankets to Help Homeless Adolescents

National Nurse Practitioner Week Celebrated Nov 11-17, 2012

Bullying Prevention Month

National Weight Stigma Week

Back to School Assignment For Parents: Drug Awareness

Olympic Athletes’ Hunger to Win Can Fuel Eating Disorders How Parents Can Turn Quest for Gold into Teaching Moment

Young Teen’s Petition to Seventeen Magazine Pays Off In Time To Combat Bathing Suit Blues

Summer Brings More Online Dangers to Kids

Leaving Children Home Alone

Community Invited to Participate in Tissues for Teens Drive

National Alcohol Awareness Month Focuses on Teens: Valley Expert Shares Conversation Tips for Parents

Ugly Trend: Kids Seeking Online Validation Teens and Tweens Post Videos Asking “Am I Ugly?”

Valley Mental Health Expert Supports “National Stop Bullying Day” on Wednesday, February 8 Offers Advice to Parents

Is Too Much Social Media Bad for our Kids? Valley Mental Health Specialist Offers Advice to Parents

Valley Counseling Clinic Supports “No Name-Calling Week”, January 23-27 Expert Offers Advice to Parents

2011 Press Releases

Does your teenager want an iPad for the holidays? Too much technology can be bad for them. Learn from our experts on finding the balance between technology and teens.

Phoenix Teen Counselors Earn National Eating Disorder Specialist Certification

Community Invited To Donate Beanies and Blankets to Help Homeless Teens

Ensuring your child is transitioning through the school year

BREAKING NEWS: EX-Penn State assistant coach arrested on new child sex abuse charges. We have an expert who can talk about child sex abuse and the signs to look for. 

National Geographic explains the “teenage brain!” Our experts help you make sense of it. 

Up to 7 million U.S. children have it. ADHD Awareness week is coming up from October 16-22, 2011. Learn more!

“Anorexia isn’t cool anymore.” There is a new eating disorder plaguing young adults and teens

Next week is National Suicide Prevention Week… help Arizona’s young people stay safe! 

“Too much Facebook time may be unhealthy for kids” – Los Angeles Times.

Back-to-School is tough on your teenager, but how do you know when their reactions to daily stressors are normal?